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Vehicle Photos

Instructions for submitting vehicle photos

Submitting vehicle photos

You’re always welcome to bring your vehicle to our shop for us to measure and take photos. However, sometimes it’s more convenient for you to send us your vehicle photos for us to review and provide a quote. Please read the points below and see examples of how to send us your photos:

  • Please take photos of your vehicle from a straight on direct view of your vehicle.
  • Ensure that ALL of the vehicle is viewable within the frame of your photo.
  • It’s ideal to have good lighting of your vehicle and free from any obstructions.
Upload Your Vehicle Photos

Photo examples

Left Side

Right Side

Front View

Rear View

Photos to avoid

Angled Vehicle

Poor Lighting


Upload Your Vehicle Photos

Vehicle mock‑ups

  • Shown below are mock-ups we provide using your photos.
  • Once you approve the design and layout, we will proceed to print production.

Left Side Mock-Up

Right Side Mock-Up

Front View Mock-Up

Rear View Mock-Up

Upload Your Vehicle Photos